Hello everyone.

So, last week I got nominated for an award for the first time which, as you can already tell from the title, it’s the sunshine blogger award. I want to thank The Urangutan Librarian for nominating me.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

So let’s start with the questions:

1) Worst book ever written?

Monument 14.jpg

I don’t normally like to think in terms of a book being the worst book ever written. However, there is one book that I didn’t like as much as I thought I would which has got to be Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne.

2) Best book ever written?

Me before you.jpgA court of thorns and roses.jpg

This is a really hard question as every book that I just finished is the best book in my opinion (unless I really didn’t get into it.) At the moment, Me Before You and A Court Of Thorns And Roses are tied as they are both so different yet amazing books. My review for both of these books will be up during the week sometime which will be exciting.

3) I’ve recently discovered the longest book ever written is 13,000 pages long and in French – do you think you’ll ever read it?


I don’t think that I could ever read that book. I don’t know any French and I have troubles getting through a long Stephen King book. Seeing as I can’t get through such a big book, I don’t know how I could ever read such a long book. However, if there was a translated version, I wouldn’t mind challenging myself a bit. I don’t think that I would ever read it though.

4) What’s your average reading speed? (Pages per minute.)

I don’t actually know. For me, it depends on how good the book is. If it’s slow and nice, then I would take a while trying to absorb whats on the page. If it’s faced paced and is action packed, I would breeze through the pages and before I know it, it’s already the evening and I’m halfway through the book. It all depends on how the book is.

5) In 100 words or less, do you think speed reading should be an Olympic sport? Why/ why not?

I do think that speed reading should be an Olympic sport. How cool would that be, to be obsessed with books and take part in something that doesn’t involve a lot of exercise and competing while doing something you love. To be honest, though, if I ever did that, I would fail as I can’t speed read and enjoy what I’m reading. I’ve got to take my time while reading.

6) What sports do you follow (if any?)

Tennis.jpgHorse racing.jpgDressage.jpgGymnastics.jpgRunning.jpgShooting.jpgArchery.jpg

I follow:

Tennis and horse racing. I also watch the Olympics when they come around, and then, I like to watch the tennis, dressage, gymnastics, shooting and archery and the running. I do enjoy taking part in some of these sports when I have the chance which makes following the sports so much better to me.

7) What’s the best place you’ve ever been on holiday?

North Wales.jpg

I’ve never actually been anywhere outside of the UK and Germany, however I did one time go on a residential trip to North Wales a couple of years ago. It was beautiful there and the views were amazing. It was so green and scenic. I can still picture it so clearly. The hills were so steep (which I know as I had to hike up the hills for two and a half hours), the waterfalls that we had to jump down during gorge walking were freezing cold during the rain and everyone was so friendly in the countryside there. It was Snowdonia where I went and I really want to go back one time.

8) Not including Earth – what’s your favourite planet and why?


My favourite planet would have to be Jupiter. Jupiter is, after all, the planet that brings luck when it comes into alignment with your star sign. I’m sorry. For some reason I have been more interested in astrology than I ever have been. What can I say; it’s really interesting stuff.

9) I’m obviously running out of questions – I dare you to attempt a handstand *right now.*

I would do a handstand if I could. I have a massive fear of going upside down so I have never managed to do a handstand.

10)Write a limerick about your favourite/ least favourite dictator.

He destroyed a million lives,

Cut them down like knives.

With all of that hate,

On his shoulders was a heavy weight,

And Hitler later died and we all hoped that he never survives.


That was harder to come up with a limerick than I thought it would be. I only really know about Hitler so I tried to write one on him. I hope that this was good enough though.

11) If your house was burning down and you could save one item, what one item would you save?


This is a difficult question. I think that I would have to save my notebook. I would have said my phone as it would be very helpful in the scenario, but I always make sure I have it on me at all times so I would probably already have my phone in my pocket. The reason why I would save my notebook is so that I can write down everything that happened to help me calm down and then I can also write some stories as I love to write and have always wanted to write a book. I mean, I even studied creative writing last year just so that I could have a chance at being a writer. Without anything to write with, I would feel like something major was taken away from me which is why I would save my notebook.

My questions:

  1. Imagine that you are the protagonist and your life is a book. Which book that you’ve read would be written about you?
  2. Imagine your favourite book is being turned into a book to movie adaptation. See if you can create a soundtrack to this book. Which book would it be?
  3. Continuing from question 2, who would be your dream cast?
  4. If you could travel in time, where would you want to travel and what would you do?
  5. If real life was a fantasy book, what kind of character would you be? (Rebel, assassin, warrior, adventurer etc…)
  6. What is your favourite beginning to a new book or book series?
  7. If you were to write a book or book series, what would it be about?
  8. Clay/ air gun shooting, running, climbing, horse riding, hiking. How would you order these from best to worst?
  9. Would you rather be a bookseller, but you are never able to read another book again or an author, but you can only read the stories you’ve written?
  10. Would you rather be: a demi-god, shadowhunter or peculiar? Why?
  11. If you were a demi-god, who would your godly parent be and if you were peculiar, what would be your peculiarity?

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I had a lot of fun taking part in this award and it really got me thinking about a lot of these questions. I hope that you enjoyed this post and I also hope that you will like answering the questions I wrote out. It took me ages to think of them 🙂

I will write up some reviews over the next couple of days so be prepared to see them. See you soon.

A Universe For Books.